Sussex Nomads Cycling Club AGM
Friday, 12 Oct. 18

The meeting was held at Ditchling Village Hall and started at 19h30. It was attended by 23 members which represents 17% of the current total membership of 136.  Apologies for absence were received from Alan Limbrey, Steve Noakes, and Derek Middlehurst.

1/  Chairman’s Introduction

Will presented highlights for the club since the last AGM (acclaim for the Hill Climb and Reliability Trial, launch of Ride Leadership training, campaign to fund individual’s cycling for charities, etc.) and noted the lack of enthusiasm for other events we tried to organise (40th anniversary dinner, Lee Valley track taster). Club runs are by far the most popular activity for members and there remains much less appetite for racing, cyclocross, and time trials.  Therefore, the steering committee has decided to focus its efforts on how best to support club runs in the coming year and, to that end, will ask members to help define a mission statement for the club that best captures this objective.

Other changes were proposed for how the committee will run the club in the future:

  • Working groups of volunteers will be encouraged to initiate and run with projects on an ad hoc, one-off basis, with support from the committee as needed.
  • Quarterly meetings to be held which will be open to all club members.
  • The club by-laws are outdated and will be updated to reflect the club’s mission and clearly define its governance (British Cycling can offer support with this).
  • Some thought will be given to “rebranding” the committee to better reflect its new functions.

2/  Discussion of Officers’ reports

Unlike past years’ AGMs all reports were posted on the website one week before the meeting for members to read and comment on.  There were no questions or comments made on any report.

The club bank account has a current balance of £4500 which is about £200 more than last year.

3/  Discussion of Points Submitted by Members

Four main subjects were raised:

  Summary Discussion / Actions
Use of the club’s website and social media for communication between members (raised by Ashley)


WhatsApp has virtually replaced the website forum for internal communications. It is agreed that this has been a great improvement. However, not all members use WhatsApp. What, if anything, should be done to ensure that information of general interest gets shared via all the communication channels? It was recommended to add a box to the membership page saying (something like) ‘We use Whatsapp as our preferred method of communication, please tick here if you are happy to have your mobile number added to the SNCC Whatsapp Group’. The Social Media & Communications Secretary will remind existing members that whatsapp groups are available in the next newsletter.  It should also be noted that there is lots of Nomads information available across all the social media platforms for people to view, and for those who do not use social media, any important information is included in the newsletters which go out to ALL members.
Changing club kit (raised by Clive)


is it now time to update the design which at least some members consider outdated? A perennial complaint.  While the committee will itself not take this on, it will support any member’s initiative to propose new designs and can organise a survey/vote of club members on those designs during 2019.



Club run organisation (raised by Clive)
  1. Group 2 consistently rides too fast and doesn’t respect our no drop policy.
  2. Some of the coffee stops need to be abandoned as they are too small,
  3. In the winter circular rides may be better, plenty of local coffee stops.
  4. Occasionally it might be good to let people try a harder group without fear of being dropped, maybe once every couple of months.
  5. Start the club runs earlier, especially in the summer. We quite often don’t leave until well after 9:00.


1. New ride leadership dates to be posted by John who envisages doing this at least once a month on a Saturday morning. All we can do is keep driving home the message of best practice!

2. Mark is refreshing the list of coffee shops.

3. Mark has already added circular routes.

4. Point noted. This has to arise from individual initiative.

5. If people want to meet earlier they can either put a message out to WhatsApp or contact the Social Media Secretary who can help let other members know that a group will be heading off earlier on the Sunday Club Run.

Club-sponsored socials (raised by Clive) A proposal for the club to subsidize get-togethers” (e.g., “£30 behind the bar”) on a first-come , first-serve basis to encourage people to attend Meet monthly social steering group, whoever wants to join this group can.  A message should go out to all members saying something along the lines of, ‘meeting in The Bull to have a few beers and discuss a possible trip to Alpe D’Huez’ or along the similar lines.



The message should now be clear:  the steering committee will endeavour to support individual initiatives for launching new activities and will no longer take the lead in organising such activities by itself.

4/ Election of Steering Committee Members


Several modifications to the committee were proposed and accepted without comment:

    1. The steering committee is to no longer have a Racing Secretary and a Women’s Ambassador.


    1. The role of General Secretary will be eliminated and its duties assumed by the Chairman.


  1. The role of Membership Secretary will be eliminated and its duties assumed by the Treasurer.

The following people volunteered and were proposed and seconded for these roles for a one-year term.


  • Chairman / General Secretary – Will Faas
  • Treasurer /Membership Secretary – Steve Ratford
  • Club Run Secretary – Mark Sturgis
  • Club Kit Secretary – Jason Blenkarn
  • Club Kit Stock Manager – Kevin Costello
  • Website Manager – James Hedley
  • Hill Climb Secretary – Alex Beyfus*


*Subsequent to the meeting Alex announced his decision to leave the committee while continuing to assist with future Hill Climb events where possible.

There were no volunteers to assume the following roles:


  • Time Trial Secretary
  • Social Media, Communications & Marketing Secretary


Adrian proposed to continue as Time Trial Secretary to run the Christmas 10 and organise the engraving of trophies for the 2018 season. It was agreed that the position will remain vacant until a volunteer comes forward. If no one comes forward before March 2019 we will eliminate the role.


The committee members will give some thought to how the tasks currently done by the Social Media, Communications & Marketing Secretary could be distributed among more than one volunteer.  The need for a continued committee role managing these functions will be determined following this review.

5/  AOB


It was remarked that the Ditchling Hall was a better, more accessible venue for the AGM than Hurst College.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 21h10