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Please find below the committee reports for the AGM – October 2018, Ditchling Village Hall, 7:30pm

Membership Update – Derek Middlehurst

As of 1st October 2018:

Total membership = 136 (comprising 114 men & 22 women)

6 Life members

88 renewals from 2017

31 new members (26 taking up the shirt deal offer)

9 carried forward from 2017 (who joined after July 2017)

2 Junior members

Not renewed from 2017 = 39

Treasurers Report – Steve Ratford

Click below for Steve’s financial report:

SN AGM 2018 Summary

Time Trial Secretary Report – Adrian Morris

TT Sec Report 2018

Club Runs Secretary Report – Mark Sturgis

  • Excel spreadsheet.created which includes all club runs – far more accessible than searching on Garmin.  It is planned to include this spreadsheet on Nomads site.
  • Details of weekly rides now include (a) total mileage (b) a return route (c) elevation
  • Longer rides (e.g. Climping; Pevensey) now include a shorter option for those who might not be able to commit to a longer run.
  • Introduction of new rides and new venues to reflect the need to be able to accommodate up to 60/70 riders
  • Come and Try It rides appear to have been more successful, reflected in the number of new members.  Positive feedback received on how welcome new members have felt.
  • Introduction of a cold weather policy; to be expanded to cover all adverse weather conditions

SNCC Womens Ambassadors Report – Gemma Hobson

Once again we have been able to increase the number of female members from 19 in 2017 to 22 in 2018 according to Derek’s report, but although we built up the numbers from 2016 to 2017, I can’t take much if any credit for new women joining this year as I’ve not been able to get out very much on the club runs. Its been the work of the ride leaders making new women feel welcome and supported, as they have with all new potential members – so thanks everyone for that

Social Media/Comms/Marketing Report – Sally McSorley


We have 345 followers on FB, which includes Nomads members, people from other local cycling clubs, and other members of the general public (relatives of Nomad members etc.).  This is a 16% increase in followers since this time last year, when we had 298 followers.

Our Facebook posts often engage several thousand people each week (that covers the amount of ‘likes’, views, shares etc).    Posts with photos in them are usually the most popular, and each photo post is usually seen by up to around 600 people on Facebook.

In addition to the facebook page itself, we have recieved regular direct messages from facebook users.  These are usually from potential new members asking about the club runs, but also from local businesses, people organising local sportives, other clubs etc.. all asking for help in promoting their events (which I oblige with where I feel they are of interest to the Nomads).


We have 659 followers on Twitter, which is an increase from 566 last year.  Again, this is made up of Nomads members, other cycling clubs around the country and people and businesses with a keen interest in cycling.

81% of our followers are male, 19% are female (last year it was 77% male, 23% female!)

Despite having far more followers on twitter than facebook, engagement is far lower with only a few likes per tweet and a low amount of retweets.   There is a general declining trend in the popularity of twitter and this is reflected in the reach and engagement stats.


With the declining trend in twitter and the rapid continued rise of Instagram, I set the Nomads up on Insta on the 18th Sept 2018.  Another reason for doing this is that we were one of the last cycling clubs in the region (if not the country), to be on there!  We gained 86 followers in the first 2 weeks.  Post reach is much higher than both twitter and facebook put together and it is a great way to share Nomad photos and news, and to drum up interest in events (like the hill climb).


We have 102 Strava club members.

The Nomads strava club remains a group for members only, and therefore people who have not renewed their membership have been removed.  Most new member requests are approved same day by either myself or Derek (unless it is obvious that they have no intention of joining the club, in which case they are rejected).  We usually give new Strava group members a 4-6 week grace period to officially join the club and pay their membership fee before removing them.

A new and very useful feature on strava in the past year is the ability to communicate out news and information.  So an additional task each week has been to post club run reminders in there, event reminders and any other important news.  This has ensured a wider reach to Nomad members who might not be keeping an eye on facebook/twitter/insta, but are avid strava users.

Nomads newsletter

21 Newsletters written and sent out to all Nomad members since the 2017 AGM.   Newsletters were written in wordpress, published on the Nomads website and then emailed out to all members via mailchimp.  There are 155 email addresses registered in our mailchimp database, however the newsletters only get opened and read by about 72% of those people


As part of my committee role, most Nomads events have been shared out and promoted to other groups, such as other local cycle clubs, the SCA, ESCA, East Sussex Cycling Group etc…   The upcoming Hill Climb is currently being heavily marketed out to all the cycling groups we can think of in order to make it the best event yet, and I have also arranged additional prizes and freebies via local companies Hunt Wheels, Jura Cycle and Orro Bikes.


Other general duties this past year have included assisting with updating the website and publishing new pages on it for events etc, adding new members to the mailchimp distribution lists, attending committee meetings and helping with the planning of events and general running of the club.

SNCC Road Racing Report – Steven Noake

Racing report

I think it’s fair to say that racing is a niche within the Sussex Nomads, generally when I speak to people about it they have the impression that it’s very dangerous, and I think it’s this more than anything else that seems to put people off. A pattern is emerging where a rider might race for a season under Nomads colours, and then, if they get a bit more serious they will migrate to a more racing focussed team – I know, this is the route I took. It’s for the incoming racing secretary to decide whether this is a problem or not, on one hand we will continue to see a migration of talented riders to other clubs, but on the other, the non-racing membership are spared the (increasingly onerous) responsibilities of race organisation.


No points as yet but in the Helen managed to finish 11th in her first race of the season (4th in her category), and Gary has been stringing together a really consistent series of results, usually in the mid 20’s of a very competitive field of 80-100 riders (and that’s just the V40 category!), Alex’s results have been somewhat compromised by his dual duties as a crash test dummy (an occupation Gary also seems keen to explore) and paramedic.

Road Racing

The Sussex Nomads managed to accrue 14 points at a national level, down to Gemma & Janet, and 24 points in regional events, scored by Ben, Josh and Alex, Ben’s points haul managed to get him his 3rd cat licence!

Hill Climbing

Early days but Gemma is off to a storming start as the new SCA women’s champion, with Janet also coming 3rd on the bloody ‘orrible (imo) Steyning Bostal hill climb. Gemma also came 2nd at the Otley CC hill climb, so she’s clearly on form!


Alex, Janet and Peter Levenspiel raced track at Preston Park this year. Janet and Alex both finished second in the vets men/women’s series. Janet picked up a few wins and one for Alex.

SNCC Website Report – James Hedley

Website report for last 12 months

20,078 Sessions

5,561 Users (79% New visitors / 21% Returning visitors)

It shows as result 3 in Google for a search for ‘Sussex cycling club’ which seems to be a good place for attracting new members. There are 120 registered forum users. Usage is exactly 50/50 across desktops vs mobile & tablets. More stats available if you’re so inclined.