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Classic lightweight restoration

= getting rusty ancient machines back into use. Anybody else in the club indulge in this expensive and time consuming hobby?

I'm about to send my (possibly) fifties Claud Butler off to Bob Jackson for respray and minor work. Claud frame numbers are quite hard to date but it has a Stronglight 49D chainset and was far from new when I got it in 1981

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That's a superb photo! Where was it taken? Can't wait to see pics of the restored bike.

Saffron Lane Leicester :'-( what a tragic loss, like so many tracks

When the Claud comes back, although the Stronglight 49D is going back on, I am a fan of modern brakes (having had a fifties brake lever disintegrate in my hand while riding to Palmer Park). And it will have an allen key seat pin fitting - the original seat pin bolt was rather nasty.

My (wild) aim is to get fit enough to ride it in Club 10's, and possibly even Preston Park again.

It'd be nice to have a Nomad taking part in the track races at PP. They do training sessions on some of the Friday nights during the track season which would be a good place to re-find your track riding skills. You also forgot to mention that you could use your refurbished bike for the 2018 hill climb as well 😉

Quote from Alex Beyfus on 8th January 2018, 10:48 pm

you could use your refurbished bike for the 2018 hill climb as well 😉

Exactly - the last time I went up White Down Lane climb, someone went past me on a bike like this