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Evening 10 results and points 2018

Results from Event #4    18th may 2018

Below are the results and points from the 4th evening 10 held on 18th may 2018, Alan Dainty,s  time had been miscalculated on the night but has been corrected in the list below. You will notice that the marker of TBA have been removed from previous weeks times, after the committee approved the method of calculating times and points for those who had times carried over from times set on the old Wineham course.  In short, times set on the old course, that were to be used for your 2018 standard time,  have had 1 minute 45 seconds added to them, this was done in order not to put those carrying times over from the old course at a disadvantage on the new slower course.

event #4 18/05/2018
Name Time pts
Jason Blenkarn 23:54 26.9
Alan Yule 25:49 20.0
Michael Thyer 26:15 15.7
Adrian Bennett 27:09 24.0
Pete Marshall 27:20 20.2
Alan Dainty 28:02 12.6
Mike Mulligan 30:30 20.7
Lee Kendal 30:59 25.8
Janet Clapton 31:02 21.7
Will Faas 32:16 14.1
Claire Rank 33:45 10.0
Helen Newman 35:11 20.0


Name Total points Rides
Lee Kendal 77.7 3
Ben Griffin 62.9 3
Adrian Bennett 59.2 3
Michael Thyer 50.2 3
Howard Griffin 43.3 2
Janet Clapton 41.7 2
Mike Mulligan 40.7 2
Pete Marshall 40.2 2
Jason Blenkarn 26.9 1
Claire Rank 26.6 2
Helen Newman 20.0 1
Alan Yule 20.0 1
Julian Gaston 20.0 1
Richard Jeynes 20.0 1
Erica Martin 20.0 1
Kevin Costello 20.0 1
Steve Noake 18.1 1
Will Faas 14.1 1
Alan Dainty 12.6 1
Sharona Harrington 0.0 1




Results from Event #3    11th may 2018

Below are the results from the 3rd of our events this year, again I will mention that those who have TBA against their points, will have them approved or recalculated after tomorrow night’s committee meeting, for the same reasons as has been noted before.

event #3 11/05/2018
Name Time pts
Julian Gaston 33:24 20.0
Lee Kendal 31:57 31.9
Howard Griffin 29:23 20.3
Adrian Bennett 27:57 19.2
Richard Jeynes 27:52 20.0
Pete Marshall 27:22 20.0
Ben Griffin 26:21 23.1
Michael Thyer 26:12 16.0


Name Total points
Ben Griffin 62.9
Lee Kendal 51.9
Howard Griffin 43.3
Adrian Bennett 35.2
Michael Thyer 34.5
Julian Gaston 20.0
Richard Jeynes 20.0
Pete Marshall 20.0
Mike Mulligan 20.0
Erica Martin 20.0
Janet Clapton 20.0
Kevin Costello 20.0
Steve Noake 18.1
Claire Rank 16.6
Sharona Harrington 0.0



Results from Event #2    4th may 2018

Sorry for the delay of posting the results from the second Evening 10 held on 4th May, with the sunshine and warm conditions more Nomads made it to the timekeeper, including past member now riding in Eastbourne colours, who braved riding through Lewes to ride, welcome back to our events Erica.

Posted below are the results for last week, you will note some of the points have TBA against them, this is because, as I mentioned last week the change of course will disadvantage riders who have times calculated on the old course, and my proposal still needs To Be Approved at next weeks committee meeting.

event #2 04/05/2018
Name pts
Michael Thyer 25:47 18.5
Ben Griffin 26:52 21.1
Adrian Bennet 28:29 16.0
Howard Griffin 29:26 23.0
Mike Mulligan 30:37 20.0
Erica Martin 31:05 20.0
Janet Clapton 31:19 20.0
Claire Rank 32:39 16.6
Kevin Costello 32:46 20.0
Lee Kendal 33:48 20.0
Sharona Harrington DNF 0.0


Name Total points
Ben Griffin 39.8
Howard Griffin 23.0
Mike Mulligan 20.0
Erica Martin 20.0
Janet Clapton 20.0
Kevin Costello 20.0
Lee Kendal 20.0
Michael Thyer 18.5
Steve Noake 18.1
Claire Rank 16.6
Adrian Bennett 16.0
Sharona Harrington 0.0

2018  Sussex Nomads Evening 10 Points Series.

This year’s 10 series started last Friday, after a day of light and heavy rain showers, I did wonder if any brave souls would put on their water wings to ride the first event. Just as I started put the event signs out, the rain stopped and the skies started to lighten, and it stayed like that just long enough for the two entrants to complete the course.

Even though it wasn’t raining during the event it was cold and very damp, which may have affected the times set by the two keen entrants.

As many of you are aware we are using our new course G10/94 at East Chiltington this year, moving away from the course at Wineham, that we used for many years. The two courses are very similar in elevation gain and loss, and the new course has two turns and some technical sections to encounter. With this in mind, before awarding points, I wanted to trend the times of riders who do have target times set on the old course, to ensure that those riders won’t be disadvantaged, by carrying the times over.  So the first couple of weeks results may not show any points against your time, but don’t worry they will eventually be accredited. I will be seeking clearance from the committee if the standing rules for this competition need to be changed for this year, because of the course change.

event #1 27/04/2018
Name Time pts
Steve Noake 26:41 18.1
Ben Griffin 27:16 18.7