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2017 Xmas 10 results

Xmas 10 2017.

Sorry it’s taken a few days to get these results posted after turning off the stop watches, but Christmas has taken all my time, as I’m sure it has with all of you, anyway, it’s better a little late than never.

I was so pleased to see so many turnout to christen the new G10/94 course, and now aptly named the wishbone course by Eoghan, for it’s shape on the map.

Below are the results, congratulations to the winner Jason Blenkarn and setting a respectable course record 25:28. This time wasn’t too dissimilar to previous winning times Xmas 10’s on the Wineham course.

My thanks to Liz Halliday, Yuriy Tymchenko, Stuart Anderson and Richard Burnett for all volunteering to marshal and act as observers, and to all who turned out to ride and spectate.

Xmas 10 Mile TT  24/12/2017
Name Time
Jason Blenkarn 25:28
Michael Thyer 27:18
Ian Kentsley 27:46
Ben Griffin 27:59
Oliver Southern 28:41
Stephen Fry 28:44
John Dasey 29:00
Gary Jones 29:37
Eoghan McHugh 31:06
James Hedley 31:12
Sharona Harrington 32:18
Janet Clapton 33:06
Kevin Costello 33:13
Amy Hulley 33:20
Will Faas 33:57
Julian Gaston 34:25
Riding 2up Santa TT  
Ross McCracken 30:37
Kevin Witton 30:37