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Christmas 2017 curry night


Those who attended the curry night last December may recall that it was a fun night out with good value food and service.

I don't mind organising a similar evening this year if there is interest.

Please respond on this forum page and I'll make further enquiries with the restaurant (India Garden).



Sounds good to me.

Sounds good to me

Sounds good to me

Spoke to the restaurant manager today and we have been offered Friday 08 December at 20h30.

The format will be the same as last year - we each pay a set amount (approx. £15) and this covers a selection of dishes served to a table/group of four.  This seemed to work out well in terms of amount and variety of food.

I'll confirm the price later this week - I suspect we'll need to confirm numbers before the end of November.



Great idea Stu - please count me in.

Thanks for organising this year Stu, last year was a great night so imagine this year should be as good!

The 8th is good for me and I may even try to adventure out on the bike in advance just so people don’t suddenly wonder who the hell I am on the evening!!!

Count me in too.

Update:  spoke to restaurant manager earlier this evening. The arrangement will be the same as last year with a selection of dishes per table of 4.  The meal includes:

Starter: poppadoms etc.

Main: a selection of four curry dishes (lamb dhansak, chicken korma/masala, vegetarian).

Accompaniments: rice, veg, nans

The price is the same as last year (£15)

I need to have final number by month end.  Probably easiest if you pay me and I'll settle with the restaurant - I'll be at the AGM if anyone would like to pay me there.  Alternatively, send me an email - - and I'll reply with my bank account details for a BACS deposit



Myself & Mrs McSorley are in !

Well done Stu for organizing this !