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Christmas 2017 curry night


Hi Stu,

Count me in pls. All paid & looking forward.


Thanks everyone for your payments; I confirm the following attendees:

Alex, Richard, Clive, Kevin, Gary, Eoghan, John, Sally, James, Yuriy, Stuart

The only overhead remaining is your liquid refreshment.

See you next Friday - bring it on!

P.S. I'm only confirming with the restaurant tomorrow so still time for any last minute additions.

Due to a c*ck up on my part I can no longer make the curry night  🙁 This means there is a space for anyone who does want to go - contact Stuart or me. Have fun without me brave curry Nomads.

Actually - two more places can be accommodated - we had 11, the restaurant would like 12 (3 tables of 4).  Let me know very soon if you are keen. Stu