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Club TT events 2018

Attached is the Club's club event time trials for 2018, all the events listed are all enter on the line, unlike our Hill climb that is an Open event, that requires pre-entry  2 weeks before the event.

All the evening 10's are on the new G10/94 course, now given the nickname of the wishbone course by Eoghan after the 2017 xmas 10, you can view the course by clicking on the following link,  when you open the link, if you select milage markers it becomes obvious the direction the course takes.

On a matter of safety, can I ask you all while riding these events or spectating, NOT to stand on the road whilst waiting to start or after you have finished.  At the start, line up on the bridleway, and at the finish has a large grass area to the field entrance.

You may notice notice that we are not running an evening 25 this year, and whilst not willing to return to Wineham to do this, and while we search for  a new course in the same area as our new 10 course, I have decided that our Club 25 will be competed for by entering the Brighton Mitre 25 on 21st October 2018  on the G25/93 course ( Ashurst/Washington/Shoreham).



More detail may be added later.

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