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Cycling Glasses (for those with prescriptions) - again, advice please

I am intending to buy some good quality cycling glasses but I'll require a pair with prescription lenses.  I was in Evans' yesterday who do a range of great looking Oakley glasses at a good discount price but unfortunately, they don't supply them for prescription users.  However, they did recommend Vision Express, where I've made an appointment for an eye check and fit.  Vision Express don't seem to offer any discount and the total cost should I go down that route will be about £400-500.

What have others done?  Try on a few pairs at a retailer and then order on line?  What sort of cost should I expect to pay?  Again, any advice would be gratefully received.





Have you tried contact lenses, I started wearing them for sport a few years back, now wear them all the time, but if you only wore them for Cycling you can buy 30 pairs for less than 30 quid on line once you have a test and know your prescription

Hi Mark - this is a topic which comes up loads on the 'Bike Radar' forums - it's worth spending half an hour or so browsing as you can definitely get cheaper deals. I did have a pair of inserts which clipped into some Oakley knock-offs from China. The inserts only cost about £20 iirc - made by this company... but they kept getting steamed-up so I don't use them anymore. I thought about getting prescription sunglasses but I lose/drop/scratch/break sunglasses too often to stump up the money. I agree with Alan that contact lenses are probably the most practical and cost effective solution. Happy hunting.

Thanks both.  I hadn't really considered contacts but that's an option especially as prescriptions change.  As the total cost of Oakley's is so high I might even consider going abroad and having eye laser surgery!  Maybe the club could foot the bill - it would be helping the elderly in the community.

Haha - how about the cheaper alternative of we just shine one of those laser-pointers in your eyes at the next cafe stop?

30 quid for 30 pairs? - no way.....  try these instead - I've been using them for a couple of years and they are terrific value for money.





Thanks again all.  I have now had an eye test/consultation and the cheapest option by far is to give up cycling.  I'm actually testing out some contacts next week so, all being well, I'll go down that route.

I had reservations about opening a site going by the name of 'Daysoft' but it was fine.  Great value.

Hi Mark, have you tried Optilabs?

I've bought my last three pairs of cycling glasses from them, you're looking around the £200 mark dependent on the type of lenses you need...

Hi Mark

I have just received a pair of prescription sports glasses from  based in Tonbridge, the glasses come with 4 different interchangable lenses, that they vary on which sport you're interested in, mine came with the cycling option, clear, yellow, light brown (Polaroid), dark grey (Polaroid), but you can buy any of the extra lenses they offer separately.

I have been riding for a while with just normal glasses after my pair of Bolle prescription cycling glasses,and a SLR camera were pinched on a flight to Alicante a couple of years ago, and I never got around to replacing them until now. I saw this firms advert in a RC modeling magazine, but they do cater for all activities.

I normally wear varifocals that they cant supply, but they will send you the glasses without your percription, for your own optician to fit for £46.50, I chose the bifocal option for £106, and they were delivered in 7 days.

Be aware Polaroid lenses may affect viewing screens on your phone, garmin or other screened devices, I can read both my phone and Garmin in portrait but not in landscape, but rapideyewear will supply with non Polaroid if you wish.

They are worth a look.


Thanks all - I decided in the end to opt for contact lenses plus off the peg cycle glasses.  The optician I used gave me a few test contacts to try out and they have certainly improved in comfort since I last wore them some 30 years ago.  I've also invested in a lovely pair of Salice glasses.  Now, where is the decent weather!!