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Isle of Wight Randonee - 7 May


A few of us did this ride in 2016 - really enjoyable day out.

Let's see if we can get a similar group together for 2018




Out and back in one day?

I would be interested.


Just been on the Cycleisland website and the date this year is Sunday 6th May.  What would the arrangements be if the Nomads have quite a number of riders available and willing to attend.  Would the intention be to stay on the island on the Saturday evening or just get a very early ferry across?  I'm also aware of about 4 or 5 other people who are interested but who would like to find out more information.  Cheers, Mark

Hi again - looked at registering on the Randoneee website but there are six possible start points.  If there are going to be quite a few Nomads riders re we (a) going to all start together from the same start point and (b) are we going to register as a group or individually?

I am aware of 10 Nomads so far who are interested but who would like to know a little more detail.





Although I didn't go in the end, I looked at the travel options a couple of years ago. Ferries from Southampton to Cowes run every hour, on the hour - so, if you want to start from East Cowes a bit after 09:00, the 08:00 ferry would be fine. Prefer to beat the crowds  and start at 09:00 on the dot? Then you'll be after the (yikes!) 07:00 ferry. The trouble is that there are no trains from Brighton, Three Bridges or anywhere between that will get you to Southampton in time for the 07:00 or even the 08:00 or 09:00 ferry - you could get a train from Three Bridges at 06:54 to catch the 10:00 ferry and be riding a bit after 11:00, but that doesn't sound like a great option. The sensible money is on either (a) driving to Southampton, parking there and catching the 08:00 ferry to start from East Cowes or (b) spending Saturday night anywhere you like on the Island and starting from whichever checkpoint is nearest. Oh, and there's (c) driving to Portsmouth and catching the ferry to Ryde (a fast service by catamaran, but you'd have to check how many bikes it can take) from where it's a couple of miles to the nearest checkpoint.

If you're one of the people who've said you fancy doing this, I strongly recommend that you get your name on this discussion asap and say whether you prefer Plan (a), Plan (b) or Plan (c), so that someone can kindly volunteer to start planning accommodation and/or car shares. Have fun!

Sorry about the date error.

My interest is in the same arrangement as 2016 i.e. a day trip with drive to Portsmouth (Yuriy and I left Burgess Hill at 6am) and 08h00 ferry across to Fishbourne where we join the route after a couple of kms inland.  Total distance was 110kms in a ride time of 4.5 hours.  It's not flat (1171 metres of climbing) but nice and scenic.  We came back on the 3pm ferry and were home by 5pm.

I have just registered to ride, I intend to book 08:00 ferry out, back on 17:00 (plenty of time for mechanical's). 2016 I parked up in Southsea 2 miles from the ferry, plenty of free road parking.

A really well run event, and good days riding.

Myself and a few other Nomads riders (Julian, Claire, Klara, Helen, Diana) have registered.  Some of us are intending to stay on the island and might start from Alverstone, although final details will be firmed up nearer the time.

I've also registered. I'm probably going to drive down early in the morning and then start at the checkpoint nearest to Fishbourne (I think that's the Wooton one). I'm sure in previous years they have organised registration on a particular ferry sailing.