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Jason Blenkarn wins Nomad 25

Last Friday we held our 25 mile Time Trial  on the Wineham Twineham circuit, I would like to thank Adrian Bennett for Marshaling for us at Bolney Chapel Road, and Keith Chandler who assisted at the start and finish, and  all who turned out to take part.

Well done Jason, who would have gone under the hour, if not for a length delay at Bolney.

event #8  16 June 17 25 Mile TT
Name  Time
Jason Blenkarn 1:00:22
Michael Thyer 1:03:16
Tim holmes 1:03:53
Ed Jarman  1:04:21
Alan Dainty 1:05:27
Jason Green 1:10:30
Neil Glover 1:13:36

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