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Nomads Hill Climb 2018

Open Hill Climb on Ditchling Beacon


Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations

Sunday 28th October 2018 - Start time 08:00

The standard entry closing date is 18th October 2018.

The fourth Nomads Open Hill Climb takes place on Sunday 28th October on the iconic Ditchling Beacon, with the event HQ at Ditchling Village Hall open from 07:00


Awards                       1st        2nd       3rd

Male                          £30       £20       £10

Female                       £30       £20       £10

Junior Boy (12-18 yrs)        £15       £10       £5

Junior Girl (12-18 yrs)        £15       £10       £5

Vets Male                   £15       £10       £5

Vets Female              £15       £10       £5


(There is a maximum of one prize per rider on the above list)


In addition to the winner if beating the event record,

Male £50           held by Peter Tadros                    In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT   4:22.0  (2015)

Female £50      held by Maryka Sennema            Paceline RT                                           5:03.4 (2018).


In addition to the winner beating course record,

Male     £50       held by Stuart Dangerfield          Leo RC                          3:42.2 (1995).

Female £50       held by Maryka Sennema            Paceline RT                5:03.4 (2018).


This year there will also be a selection of special prizes available from Hunt WheelsOrro Bikes and Jura Cycle Clothing as well as some consolation goodies from Sussex Nomads clothing range.

The above course record are believed to be correct at the time of release, however the female record posted is the best that we have found during events held under CTT rules and regulations that were Open or Association events. Please don’t not confuse this time with Strava posting or club events held on the beacon. If you can supply us with documentary proof of better times we shall amend the times, remember the event must have been held under CTT (RTTC) rules and regulations.

The entry fee is £8.50 - please go to the Cycling Time Trials website, where you can either enter online or download their standard entry form, which should be posted to

Alex Beyfus
116 Havelock Rd

OK Nomads, it's that time again when your club really needs your help. If you can volunteer to help out with the running of the Nomads Hill Climb on the day please get in contact with me asap ( ). Helpers are needed from 7-10am, but if you can't help out with the whole event that's fine - ANY help is greatly appreciated. You can even ride the event and volunteer to help - in fact, EVERYONE in the club should ride the event... volunteering is not an excuse to dodge the Beacon bullet 😉

List of Volunteers for 2018 Hill Climb

Bottom of the hill timer = Richard Meed/Mick Irons
Top of the hill timer = Richard Meed/Mick Irons

Catering = Helen Codling
First Aider (Top of the Hill) = Derek Middlehurst
Phoning in results from the top of the hill  = John McSorley
Entering Results at HQ in the computer  = Sally McSorley
Risk Assessment on the Day  = Adrian Morris
Generally looking busy but not doing much = Alex Beyfus
Honourable Person Required to Give out Prizes and make Speeches = Alan Limbrey

Catering Assistant #1 = Mark Andrews
Catering Assistant #2 = Richard Burnett
Pusher offer/Holder Upper #1  = Will Faas
Pusher offer/Holder Upper #2  = ???
Signing On Riders at HQ and HQ helper #1 = Pat Carmody
Signing On Riders at HQ and HQ helper #2 = ???
Marshal#1 at bottom of hill to keep starting riders in line = Alan Dainty
Marshal#2 at bottom of hill with big red flag to warn northbound approaching cars to slow down = Steve Newman
Marshal#3 before last bend at bottom of hill to warn southbound cars to slow down = Ian Jones
Marshal#4 half way up hill to check no riders have had an aneurysm = Steve Noake
Marshal#5 at the top of the hill to help timer = ???
Marshal#6 at top of the hill to stop finished riders gathering on the road = Steve Ratford
Marshal#7 at top of hill with big red flag to warn southbound traffic to slow down before reaching NT carpark = ???

Alex, I can probably help with the signing on for the first half of the event (before the times start coming in).

Thank you Sally! Hopefully you won't need to double up because any second now loads of people are going to email me at offering their services 😉