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Sussex Nomads CC kit order and stock availability.

Club Kit stock/orders

The 10th October order has now closed, those who have ordered kit can expect a 5 week delivery, 14th-21st November.

We have planned to make regular kit order every eight weeks, But until a new kit secretary is in place,  the next scheduled order being 12th January 2018 , with expected delivery of late February 2018. You can place and pay for your orders on the Club Kit page of this site. If you are having any issues placing your order on the site, contact me by email and I will send you the form, it has all the information for payment and contact details, as the form is an .xls file that the forum wont accept links for.

Any future planned order won’t be until delivery of the above order, this will probably now be mid-March , and delivery expectation of late May.

We are currently using Kalas as our main supplier, they are able to supply us from their extensive range shown in their catalogue that can be viewed here we have found the size chart at the rear of the catalogue to be very accurate, but if in doubt we are building up a range of items held as stock that can be tried for size, all the stock items are available for immediate purchase.

Most the items are available from the catalogue, we only have to meet 5 items in each colourway, but some of the accessories that carry minimum orders are not available due to restrictive cost.

Below is the current list of stock that the club is holding, you will notice that Kalas use a number system for sizing, whilst Gear Club use the letter system.

 It was agreed at a recent committee meeting to reduce the price on all the Gear Club items that are being held in stock, this is reflected now in the current stocklist.pdf  file below. The reason for this is to reduce the number of Gear Club items being held, whilst intending to increase Kalas items in stock.

Gear Club items will still be available to order, but will still carry the original price shown on the clubs online ordering system, This is to ensure that we cover delivery cost on small orders  that are charged with them.

I had informed you at the AGM that  Kalas have increased their prices as from September, but  they kindly gave us a concession on the October order and honored their original prices for us. James is busy updating the online ordering prices at this time. In the mean time, until the system is updated you can contact me if you need an updated price list.

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