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Today's New Club Run To Wessons

It would be useful to receive feedback on today's club run.  What did you think of the route and the venue?  (If you respond could you indicate whether you rode the normal or longer route.)

I did speak to a few riders who thought that the route, which took in quiet roads, was good.  Although the venue was large it was extremely busy with resultant slow service.  Did any riders see the length of the queue and just go elsewhere or go home?  It would see to me that we arrived together with a biker group as it was considerably quieter by the time we left.



The Wessons ride is always a mixed experience for me. The (normal) route itself is a real pleasure, which takes us onto lanes east of Palehouse Common which we don't otherwise see. The café, though, I find forbidding, and not just because of the length of the queue - the noise and exhaust fumes outside make an unpleasant contrast to the lanes we've just ridden, and I feel thoroughly out of place among the "proper" bikers, one of whom pointedly asked me yesterday to make sure that I didn't touch his bike - I mean, I know we look a bit odd compared to other customers at most cafés, but here the contrast between black leathers and white Lycra could have been designed to highlight the fact that we belong to different tribes, and this place is operated very consciously with a different tribe in mind. Am I imagining that the staff serve us grudgingly? An alternative reading is that they're perfectly happy to serve anyone, biker or not, but they make most of their money on Sunday mornings from serving fried breakfasts (the smell of which makes we want to get out of the place pretty quickly), and they don't really want 30 people turning up looking for coffee & cakes. Whatever the mixture of reasons, I don't feel welcome here, so for the last few years I've skipped coffee and ridden straight home. A few others did the same thing yesterday.

This is only one opinion, of course - I know other people love this place and see its peculiarities as part of its charm. To keep everyone happy, perhaps we should offer an alternative destination at the end of the route - how good is the Lakeside Café, for instance, which we more or less pass just before going into Horam?

I like Wessons but as Ashley says its focus on a Sunday morning is a very different crowd. I've never felt unwelcome there though, especially compared to some of the smaller venues we visit that struggle to accommodate more than 6 people at a time. This Sunday I chose not to stay purely because of the time.

Last year a few of us opted for the Lakeside cafe instead and it was a far more 'familiar' venue and I'd recommend it as an alternative.

Either way, the route out there is a great ride.

Thanks both that's extremely useful.