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Top Reasons why Some People Stop Cycling before They even start!

There are plenty of reasons for someone to start cycling, but have you ever considered the reasons why a young person in the field stops doing the bike? There are several bikes that were bought, they did a few kilometers, and since then they have been staying in a warehouse or already on the hammer. Let's look at the top reasons why someone leaves the bike from the very first time, without even trying.

The extra pounds did not get lost after several rounds.

Several people think that if you make some extra miles on the bike, the extra body weight will simply disappear. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it takes a lot of effort - both exercise and diet - to reduce body weight. A bike cruiser needs to be focused if he wants to see the upcoming weight results.


There are a lot of times when someone starts cycling that he feels quite alone as he can not follow the rhythm of his strongest and more experienced friends. In addition, those with extra pounds may hear ridiculous comments from other cyclists about their appearance, which does not really help them continue. This leads them to lonely walks, without companionship, without a friend pushing them to make a few more miles and they eventually quit the effort.


Many people who start cycling may feel unsafe as they enter in a completely new world. Especially those who are a little embarrassed about their body find it difficult when they have to wear all the bicycle clothing and fancy colors that make them be visible from afar. Also one more factor is the traffic in the streets, with the minimum safety offered by the bicycle against the heavier vehicles in circulation, that makes the cyclist not to want to move in a risky way.

Wrong companion

There are a lot of times when someone who starts cycling gets involved with people who have been engaged for years and it is absolutely logical that he cannot follow their rhythm. There are also several times he is also the recipient of negative comments, which increase his insecurity and discourage him. Someone as a young person in the field should also look for bicycle groups of a similar capacity so that he does not feel lonely. This is the way he is going to keep trying for the best result.

Too much effort at first

When someone starts cycling his body is not trained and he feels pain- especially if a body posture is wrong on the bike - there are saddles and other similar problems that we all have faced. He sure feels his feet and hands burning by the effort and this is absolutely common, even if you are an athlete who has not been trained for some time. This sudden engagement with the bike leads them to leave it aside as they do not want to suffer from the pain.

He should start slowly, with small walks at a very mild pace to allow his body to adapt to the bicycle saddle, strengthen his muscles and get used to the posture. He is going to feel better day by day and the bicycle will become his only moving option after all. He doesn’t need to force things, he only needs to love being on his bicycle.

Are you also one of the people who bought a bicycle, had a few walks around the corner and you see it left in the warehouse? If so, do you understand the reasons why you were away from cycling? Start cycling today and you will eventually enjoy all its results.

I think that most people who have taken up cycling recognise many of the points raised above.  This is one reason why I (and others) try to help newcomers welcome no matter what their ability may be.  An individual's first contact with the club can be a nerve racking experience so it is extremely important that the experience is a positive one - CATI rides can often be  mixed bag but I think that they have improved recently.  We certainly no longer reach a venue and leave new riders high and dry and to fend for themselves to get home.  I understand that we have had quite a few new members join which is perhaps a sign that new riders are made welcome.