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London & Sussex X League Dates 2017-18

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These are the provisional dates - I'll add them to the calendar once confirmed and the race start times have been agreed.

03-Sep London League Round 1 & Sussex League Round 1 Stanmer Park
10-Sep East Kent Cyclo-Cross League Round 1 
17-Sep London League Round 2 Herne Hill Velodrome
24-Sep London League Round 3 & Sussex League Round 2 Penshurst Off Road Club
01-Oct London League Round 4 & Sussex League Round 2 Happy Valley Park
08-Oct London League Round 5 Herne Hill Velodrome
15-Oct East Kent Cyclo-Cross League Round 2
22-Oct London League Round 6 & Sussex League Round 3 Ardingly
29-Oct London League Round 7 & Sussex League Round 4 Happy Valley Park
05-Nov East Kent Cyclo-Cross League Round 3
12-Nov London League Round 8 Leeds Castle
19-Nov London League Round 9 CycloPark
25-Nov London League Round 10 Penshurst Off Road Club
26-Nov National Trophy #4 CycloPark
03-Dec SE & E Regional Championship
10-Dec London League Round 11 Frylands Wood Scout Camp
17-Dec East Kent Cyclo-Cross League Round 4
07-Jan London League Round 12 CycloPark Badlands
21-Jan East Kent Cyclo-Cross League Round 5
28-Jan London League Round 13 Beckenham Place Park
04-Feb LCCA Team Championships Great Walstead School

For anyone else like me who can't wait for the CX season to officially start, the London Summer CX Series League is about to start! The dates are as follows and you can enter online on on the night:

Round 1: Thu 20/07 - Leyton Jubilee Park
Round 2: Thu 27/07 - Frylands Scout Camp
Round 3: Thu 03/08 - Beckenham Place Park
Round 4: Thu 10/08 - Herne Hill

Online _ EOL is available this year:

There has been a development in the timing system for this year...

'We're going to have a proper timing system this year run by Beastway!! This will mean accurate and fast results. The downside is that it means an increase to cost of entry by a few ££. It's now £5 for U12's + Youths and £13 for everyone else. So we're sorry for the price increase, but we think it's definitely for the best, everyone gets an accurate result and we'll keep our sanity.

You'll get one chip and number for the whole series. So PLEASE remember to return them after your last race.'

Looks like being an awesome season - I can't wait!! Hopefully lots of you will give it a go - it's so incredibly inclusive, so you can get your other half, kids etc giving it a go too!

I fancy having a go at cyclocross this season (this winter). What do I need? I'd like something that can double as a gravel (on & off road bike), or as a winter bike.

Many suggestions for what makes sense? Wasn't going to spend loads. Is there a second hand market?  Canyon inflite aluminium range is currently discounted...

Gary, I've just bought a Canyon Inflite 8 - it is AWESOME!! Really light and fab wheels (I got the DT Swiss version). You can get a further £100 off the bike by applying for sponsorship discount. All you need is a full race licence...

Fab to hear you'll be joining us! We just need a few more ladies to try it out now...

Hi Gary - Planet X are also good for CX/Gracel bikes or Frames/forks, and the Boardman CX bikes sometimes go really cheap in Sales (and you can get 10% further discount with BC membership). If you've got loads of spare parts knocking around (or want to upgrade parts on your road bike) you could build one up. I've got an unused Boardman Aluminium CX disc frame and carbon fork to sell which is too big for me (would fit someone about 6 foot tall) that I'd be happy to sell. There is a second hand market on eBay - especially as lots of people sell on their cantilever brake CX bikes when they upgrade to disc brakes.

Be great to have some more CX racers this year!

The London & Sussex Leagues are now open for registration for the upcoming season, starting on 3rd Sept in Stanmer Park. However, I tried to register and discovered that Sussex Nomads do not appear to be affiliated yet - so registration isn't possible.

Alex, I'm guessing we will be renewing our affiliation? I'm happy to help out with it, if needed, as I'd like to get my registration sorted as soon as possible.

Thanks 🙂 Oh, Gary, did you get sorted with a bike yet? Now I've raced my Canyon a couple of times, I can highly recommend it!

Hi Helen - I thought they'd removed the need for clubs to affiliate... I'll look into it when I get back to UK and a laptop 🙂

Thanks Alex. You may be right about the affiliation thing as I did a bit of digging. At the time of trying to register, there was a pull down menu with quite a lot of clubs listed and ours wasn't there. I assumed that if I continued without choosing a club, it could cause all sorts of headaches later! I've also spotted a few threads on the London CX Facebook page that mention clubs not needing to be affiliated. Something they could do with publicising and amending on the registration page.

I'll double check...have plenty of time today as when I crashed I also got bitten a few times on my calves and have reacted badly and can't walk! 🤤😥

Have a great holiday! 🌞😎

Ouch - sorry to hear you crashed! Hope you're OK, and will be fighting fit for the CX season.

BTW - we need to all agree on how the CX-Trophy is to be awarded this year...

My proposal is that it goes to the rider who finishes the highest in the Sussex League as a proportion of the riders in the league (e.g. Finishing 2nd out of 10 women riders = 2*100/10 = Top 20% vs Finishing 3rd out of 20 male riders = 3*100/20 = Top 15%... so in this example the bloke wins). How does that sound?

Just to confirm that the Nomads are not an affilliated club, but members can still join the CX League on RiderHQ for £10.

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