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Recommend me a Garmin

My little Garmin 25 has died. What are people's recommendations for a replacement? I'll probably stick with Garmin but would ideally like something that uses Bluetooth and Ant+ so also thinking of Wahoo Element & Lezyne units. Help!

My 800 is still working after five years and has everything that the current models have except for Bluetooth - you should be able to find one on eBay or refurbished for a decent price. Not that it's perfect - it goes completely crazy about once a year and needs a factory reset, but that always fixes it. Garmin Connect and the Garmin Express agent haven't always lived up to expectations, but they seem to be working well at the moment, which would encourage me to stick with Garmin in general, but let's see what experience others have had with the alternatives ...

My 810 is excellent. I don't know how I lived without maps (which I downloaded free ) Saved me from missing a badly signed turn on a sportive this spring.

These days you can give Strava permission to scrape Connect so other than when I bluetooth a ride to my phone, I haven't looked at the site since registering.

The latest model is the 820 and like my 810 it does everything you can think of - bluetooth, ant+, multiple bike profiles, courses, workouts. I quite often use the navigate home function from the end of club rides.

Thanks for the input chaps... after some consideration (and a review of my bank account) I've opted to keep it simple again and get another Garmin 25 - hopefully this one will last a bit longer than 20 months.