11th August 2019 all-day
Special Club Run around the Isle of Wight

A number of Nomads have suggested having a special club run arranged to cycle around the IOW.  We shall have to identify those who are interested in such an event and co-ordinate a start time, starting point and route (basically either clockwise or anti-clockwise).  One way of doing this will be to utilise WhatsApp.  It would be useful for somebody to take the lead in co-ordinating this but I thought that it would be useful to get this on the Calendar so that people can consider and decide.

A normal club run will also take place so as to meet the needs of as many Nomads as possible.

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  • For example, there’s a ferry from Portsmouth Ryde at 09:15, arriving 09:37 – lots of options to return between say 16:10 and 17:47 (I’d choose the latest reasonable return crossing, to allow plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, stop to eat, fall off, fix things etc). The cost would be £20 return for the ferry + car sharing. There are no trains from Hassocks or Burgess Hill at that time of the morning.

    If this is going to happen, it’d be worth getting a core group together before the end of July, while there are still plenty of places on the ferry.

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