21st July 2019 @ 9:00 am
Box Tree Café
Tadworth KT20 7LB
Special Club Run to the Surrey Hills @ Box Tree Café | England | United Kingdom

This is the special annual ride by the Sussex Nomads of the Surrey Hills.  The timing of this ride will give those doing the Prudential Ride London (3rd/4th August) an opportunity to practice the hilly part.

This ride starts from Faygate (see details below). 

Special Start Point

This ride starts from the car park on the A264 near Faygate, just East of the roundabout, NOT Ditchling Village Hall. Allow 30 minutes if driving to the start from Ditchling or Burgess Hill:

For the full circular route ( 39 miles, 2,132ft ascent)  click here.

For a slightly less energetic route, ( 35 miles , 1864 ft ascent) with a gentler alternative to Leith Hill and missing out White Down Lane entirely but still ending up at Box Hill, click here.

For an entertaining additional 15 miles ( 787 ft ascent)  for those starting in Burgess Hill and preferring to ride up to join the main group at Faygate, click here.
If you’re riding out from Ditchling to  Faygate ( 19 miles,  988 ft ascent) click here.





  • This ride is highly recommended, featuring some of the most rewarding cycling in our part of the country – do find a way to get to the special start point if you possibly can, and remember to check the Nomads WhatsApp group for details of people who may be able to share transport or ride with you to get there.

    If you’re riding this route for the first time, have a look at the profile in advance …

    There are three climbs:
    • Leith Hill: hits you after a 15km warm-up. At a touch under 200m high, it’s a bit bigger than the Beacon, and a more consistent slog. There’s nowhere to rest until it’s over, but don’t overcook it at the start and you’ll be fine;
    • White Down Lane: the tough one. It peaks early at about 15%, and stays that way for 1km. The hard bit is hidden from you until the last minute as you round a sharp double-bend and its verticality is suddenly in your face; and
    • Zig Zag Road: yes, that is its official name. It’s the nearest thing that we have to an alpine climb in the South, with hairpin bends, stunning views and not much traffic apart from the unending stream of cyclists, many of whom you will be able to overtake in a highly satisfying manner as soon as you realise that the gradient is as nothing compared to what you’ve experienced earlier in the day.

    As for descents, watch out for:
    • The second half of the descent from Leith Hill, starting at about 20km, which is narrow and can be slippery and gravelly. If it’s rained recently, you may prefer to bear right at Abinger Common after 19.5km (by the pump on the green) until you hit the A25 after 2km, then turn left and follow the A-road for 1km before turning right to rejoin the normal route;
    • The descent from Ranmore Common (between the second and third climbs), which has a hairpin bend a third of the way down, at 29km. Keep your eyes open, and you should have plenty of time to brake. The remaining part of the descent is a delight; and
    • The final descent from Box Hill, which is taken on wide, well-made roads, which feel very safe. Just watch out for the two junctions between 39km and 40km, where you have to turn right onto busy main roads.

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