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Best hike fit for knee problems

This has probably been asked countless times before....

My knee has started to hurt after about 60 miles, it could be caused by a cleat problem, bike fit, or other injury.

I'm trying everything to sort it out before the Pyrenees at the end of August, so thought that a bike fit couldn't hurt. Specifically a bike fit with someone who might be helpful for injuries.

Any suggestions and recommendations?



I can highly recommend Garth Kruger of Vankru cycling down in Winchester. A very good and experienced fitter even if his administration is rubbish!!

I know of over 8 guys who have used him (principally because I arranged a few sessions!) and am sure they are pleased.

Vankru Performance Cycling

Other suggestions from the old forum ...

  • In 2015, Stephen recommended Phil Burt's book, "Bike Fit" and sports masseuse / coach Diane Braid 07790 408624 ... also, rolling a squash ball over the IT band
  • In 2013, Mike recommended Bliss Bikes in Partridge Green
  • Another contributor mentioned Simon MacNamara at South Downs Bikes