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Bike Storage Advice Please

Hi all - I know that it is a bit late in the year to put my summer bike in mothballs for the winter but I've just had it fully serviced and cleaned and don't want to use it again until the weather improves.  I was wondering whether there is anything I should do whilst the bike is not being used to make sure that it keeps in good shape.  I'd hate to return to the bike in April to find that it has seized up.  I keep the bike in the garage.   Any advice gratefully welcomed (although bringing the bike into the house or into the bedroom might be frowned upon).



Your garage will be fine if it's free of moisture/condensation.

Same as Stu, garage should be fine. Perhaps some WD40 in the necessary areas and keep under a dust sheet or similar.

I've had a bike seize up once where it was neglected over winter...never again!

WD40 in the essential areas as suggested.

Also worth occasionally clicking through the gears and pulling the brakes a few times every couple of weeks or so (just basically move the moving parts a little) and check for any deterioration on metal parts for rust so you can deal with it earlier rather than later.

Thanks guys - that's really useful.  (I've decided to put Joanne in the garage and I'll sleep with my bike.)

The pros usually recommend GT85 in preference to WD40 - they both do a good job of getting into moving parts and chasing moisture out of them, but GT85 leaves a very thin film of oil and PTFE whereas WD40 mostly evaporates away after its done its job. For getting something like a jammed lock moving again, WD40 is very effective indeed, but for longer term protection you get more from GT85. Keep it away from braking surfaces, though, for obvious reasons.

Never put any bike away dirty, clean them and oil them ASAP after any ride. Bucket of warm water and a soft brush, DONT use a pressure washer they force water into area's where it causes damage.

Use an old sock as a glove, spray a small amount of lubricant GT85 or MO95  on it, and wipe the entire length of the chain and jockey wheels. This will remove road dust from the chain and give a clean coating of lubricant.

Use another old sock in the same manner with Mr Sheen applied to wipe all painted and anodised  surfaces, NOT BRAKING SURFACES.

Parts that are liable to show signs of corrosion, screws, bolts, nuts, springs, cables etc, a regular wipe of AFC50, an anti corrosion spray developed by the aircraft industry, and available from most motorcycle shops.

Mould can grow on your handle bar tape, I wipe mine with an antibacterial kitchen wipe.

Put your gears in smallest sprocket and smallest chainring.

If possible any bike not in constant use, hang by the saddle rails, let some air out of the tyres,  dont leave by a window in direct day light.

All the above will only take 5-10 minutes to do, and your bike will be ready for your next ride.






Thanks again all, much appreciated.  I forgot to attend to Joanne's chain after the atrocious conditions on Sunday (just relieved to get back) and within 24 hours the chain was already showing signs of a rusting colour.  Sorted now though.