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Club Trophies to be returned by 31st Dec 2018

All club trophies currently being held have to be returned to Adrian Morris be for the end of the year, to allow engraving for the new recipients.

The following 2017 winners still have to make arrangements for returning trophies,

Alex Beyfus, Sharona Harrington, Gary Jones and Ben Griffin.

I shall be at Stans Cycle shack on Saturday 29th Dec 2018 at 10:00, if this helps you with returns, please let me know by text 0n 07941890575  if you intend to turn up, as I need to know who to wait for.

Could any members seeing any of the above, give them a reminder about the trophies, as they may not have read this, thanks.


Hi Adrian - I can pop my trophy round to you this evening, tomorrow afternoon or anytime Monday - let me know if any of those times are convenient for you. Thanks - Alex

But why are you returning your trophies back because it is a great honor for a person to won a trophy. Well, It can be your personal matter. Once I also won a trophy as a compliment for my great work at and my team honored me with the trophy and some cash. It was the one of the best moment of my life and I'll remember it always.