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Continemtal Grand Prix 4000 S II

I know that many people use these tyres.  They are being offered for a good price at Rose - £25.97.  See link:-

Cheers Mark - I was just reading this page about road tyres where these come out top for summer riding.

A good alternative to the Gatorskins of winter riding


I gave been using these since I started riding and cannot fault them.

Probably not as robust as the Gatorskins but on the few winter rides I did do this year I had no issues.

Swings and roundabouts - I use Gatorskins in the winter and the Grand Prix 4000 in the summer.  Neither (no tyre) is completely puncture resistant but I do go out with a very good degree of confidence with both these tyres.   I've used faster tyres but they often had punctures and with the amount I cycle I much prefer the confidence the Continental tyres give.  An added bonus is that they are pretty easy to get off and on.

Yep - very nice tyre, which somehow manages to be best in class for rolling resistance and at the same time one of the best for grip: doesn't sound as though that should be possible, but it is. I leave mine on over the winter rather than changing to Gators, as I tend not to go out when the conditions are overly hostile.