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London & Sussex X League Dates 2017-18


@Helen - I've not got it yet, will change that soon.  The Canyon Inflite looks very good compared to the others I've seen.  Glad to hear good reports of it.

Did you get a 1x11, 36/46 or 36/52 chainset?  I've no idea what racing will require but I want it as a winter road ride too, so was going to opt for 36/52.


Hi Gary - it's very rare to need the big ring in a CX race, so for winter road bike and CX a 36/52 would be best. 1x11 with a wide cassette are popular with hardcore CX racers due to lightness/simplicity/less mud clogging... does the Infinite have bottle cage bosses? Worth checking as full on CX bikes don't, nor do they have eyelets for mudguards...

Thanks Alex, I'll check the bottle cage mounts. I was fully expecting the mudguards need to be clipped on.

Since my post I was pondering just how likely I was to be able to use it as a road bike. The problem is the tires. Being disc brakes I don't have wheels to swap in and out so would have to change tyres and fit the mudguards between uses.... I'm not likely to get around to that since I struggle to find the time to wash my bike after a Sunday ride.

Looks like I might need a winter road bike as well.  That'll be 'n+2' !!!


Hi Gary, I have gone 1x11 with 10-42 and a 42 up front and find it brilliant, so much so that I've also converted my MTB to 1x11. For off road, it's fab.

The Canyon can take 2 bottle cages. I'm running the wheels tubeless, but that could be a right faff if you wanted to change tyres to road tyres regularly. Think you might need a different winter road bike! ?

Fingers crossed I manage to stay upright better than I did in the summer league! ? If there's anything else you'd like to know about the Canyon please do ask.

Thanks Helen - ordered one! 🙂      Won't be delivered until October 🙁

Hi Alex, am filling out the trophy claim form and when it comes to the CX, I've no idea what to put. I did the first 2 rounds of the Sussex League - I'm not sure if there were 2 or 3 more and how many Gary did. How are you thinking of working out points??? It's REALLY confusing this year as all the results have been done by age category and with no separate spreadsheet of results for Sussex, as was the case last year. Any thoughts??? Thanks

Hi Helen - funnily enough Gary contacted me about this the other day... I suggested he post up the discussion on here for all those interested in CX to look at. I think it's too early to find a club CX winner as there are several rounds to go. My suggestion is that the rider that finishes in the highest (normalised) position in their category in the final London league should win it as this would mean all races count and would lead to the prize going to the keenest and most consistent rider. It also uses a method which is a lot more transparent and easy to calculate. Downside is that we won't know the winner until January/February. What do you think?

That sounds great, thanks Alex. So we're not basing it on the Sussex League as we did previously? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to ride many more as I'm not really race ready yet and a looming op in the NY will likely wipe me out again for a few weeks. May be Gary's year....Happy to go with what you've suggested btw 🙂

Here are the results for the Nomads 2017-18 CX trophy using the same method that was used last year. This uses the best 4 results from Sussex League CX races to determine the winner [Formula: 1-(position/size of field) summed for the best 4 races]

Congratulation to Gary on winning the trophy in his first season of CX, and commiserations to Helen who has battled through injury and illness this season but still races with a smile on her face!


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