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New Nomad 10 mile TT course approved.

Many of you may be aware that we have been looking for a new 10 mile TT course for a while now, as the Wineham course has been hampered by road works for second year, along with safety concerns on the the A272/Wineham lane junction.

Last May I submitted to the CTT London South District Committee (the body who control all time trialing activity in our area) details of a course based in the Plumpton area, starting at East Chiltington, turning at Foulders lane roundabout and Wivelsfied Primary School roundabout and then back to the start.

The course has been measured and risk assessment carried out by the DC officials. I have been given verbal confirmation last Monday, that the course has been given approval. And once I receive written confirmation, with all RA and course details and number, we will be able to run our events on it, starting with our Xmas 10 in December.

Yaay! - great news Adrian and thanks for your efforts in achieving this outcome - a new era begins!  Stu

Can I reserve a place for being the first rider off at the Xmas 10 (with a ten minute gap before the second rider can start) so I can temporarily be the holder of the course record?

I have now applied for our Christmas 10 mile TT to be run on the new G10/94 course at East Chiltington on 24th December 2017 starting at 10:00am with signing on 20 minutes prior to that time. So those attending the event, remove Wineham G10/99 from your diaries. This does mean we may have to find another venue for coffee afterwards, any ideas?

Below is the Garmin link for the course

Anyone who knows how, and feels the need to covert the above into another format, please feel free to do so, whilst leaving the original in place.

Great work Adrian! How about Proper Cycling in Hassocks for lost ride coffee?