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Nomads Hill Climb 2017

Sussex Nomads Cycling Club - President Alan Limbrey

Open Hill Climb on Ditchling Beacon


Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations

Sunday 29th October 2017 - Start time 08:00

The standard entry closing date is 17th October 2017.

The third Nomads Open Hill Climb takes place on Sunday 29th October on the iconic Ditchling Beacon, with the event HQ at Ditchling Village Hall open from 07:00


   Awards                       1st        2nd       3rd

   Male                          £30       £20       £10

   Female                       £30       £20       £10

   Junior (12-18 yrs)        £15       £10       £5

   Vets Male                   £15       £10       £5

   Vets Female                £15       £10       £5


(There is a maximum of one prize per rider on the above list)


In addition to the winner if beating the event record,

Male £50           held by Peter Tadros      In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT   4:22.0  (2015)

Female £50        held by Tamar Vanderhaas     Lewes Wanderers CC                        6:01.2  (2016)


In addition to the winner beating course record,

Male     £50       held by Stuart Dangerfield          Leo RC                          3:42.2 (1995).

Female £50        held by Tamar Vanderhaas          Lewes Wanderers CC       6:01.6 (2016).


The above course record are believed to be correct at the time of release, however the female record posted is the best that we have found during events held under CTT rules and regulations that were Open or Association events. Please don’t not confuse this time with Strava posting or club events held on the beacon.

If you can supply us with documentary proof of better times we shall amend the times, remember the event must have been held under CTT (RTTC) rules and regulations.   

The entry fee is £8.00 - please go to the Cycling Time Trials website, where you can either enter online or download their standard entry form, which should be posted to

Alex Beyfus

116 Havelock Rd



List of Volunteers:

Helen Codling (catering)
Adrian Morris
Zoe Deeley
Will Faas
Howard Griffin (somewhere on the climb)
Brian Wooley
Richard Burnett
Michael Thyer (pusher offer)
Derek Middlehurst (First Aid)
John McSorley (Phoning in results to...)
Sally McSorley (Managing results)
Ian Jones
Alex Beyfus

Reserves = Ross, Liz, James and Steve

A massive thank you to all the volunteers, competitors and supporters who made today's Hill Climb such a wonderful event. The results have been submitted to the CTT for approval and publishing on the event page on the CTT website, however in the meantime they can be also be found here.

Prize winners will be contacted by myself to arrange payment of their winnings this week.

If you have photos or video of the event you'd like to share with others please either add them to the forum below (either by inserting an image or adding a link to the images) or contact me ( )


Uploaded files:

Photo courtesy of Clive Jarman

Uploaded files:

HQ Photo courtesy of David Southgate @DavidSouthgate

Uploaded files:

Janet & Sharona post ride at Proper Coffee


Uploaded files:

Clive Jarman's fantastic photos can be found here

(You can freely use the photos but please reference Clive if you do so... and/or buy him a pint! 🙂

Uploaded files:

And here are the brilliant photos from Claire Goldmith who'll be swapping her camera for a bike in next year's event! Again, please credit Claire if using her photos, or, better still, propose to the love of your life and then book Claire to do your wedding photos!

Uploaded files:

Adrian Morris has just got his snaps back from Boots and a fine set they are too! You can view them here

BTW - if anyone has got a photo in which Eoghan looks like he's not enjoying himself please send it in!


Uploaded files:

Recognize this guy......

It's the winner of the SNCC Hill Climb 2017 who works for Cycling Weekly and will be publishing a write up about it in their magazine.

There will also be a youtube file on all the hill climbs in England that Ollie has taken part in this year.

Nice work if you can get it ! : D