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Road Improvements

Albourne Road - the stretch of road from Hurstpierpoint (church) to Albourne (dome) has been nicely resurfaced.  This used to be one of the worst condition roads ever but is now a pleasure to ride.

Bramlands Lane - the northernmost top of the road has been resurfaced.  It was always a pain trying to climb this little hill and at the same time negotiate the pot holes.

I cycled along it just over a week ago, anticipating a smooth run through Hurst. As I approached from the village to the new surface, imagine my surprise. Roadworks barriers were across the road, blocking it apart from pedestrian access.

A lady was walking her dog, she smiled at me as I looked at her and shook my head in disbelief. I couldn't help but think of two things...

One was the Carlsberg advert where civil engineering companies communicate and dig up the road before it's resurfaced.

The other thing was thinking, rather pessimistically to myself when I saw the resurfacing being carried out, 'Can't be long before they dig this up.'