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Southern Counties Cycling Union 50 mile TT

I would like to thank Derek Middlehurst who  stepped in at the last moment and joined me on Sunday 4th June to marshal the SCCU 50 mile TT at Washington roundabout, even though Derek  has zero intention of facing a timekeeper to race against the clock.  All of our sport relies on volunteers to help run events, and part of our obligation to SCCU is that they will organise  the 11 events a year for our riders to enter,  providing when asked, we will oblige by supplying the 2 marshals they require.

Hear hear. Good work gents.

Thank you, Adrian. We all need to do our bit for not only grassroots cycling but anything that can keep our Club open to event participation. I thoroughly enjoyed the early morning in your company, as your cycling knowledge spans many years and cycling genres.