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What a difference .........

a Nomads Jersey makes!

First ride out in the new jersey and I climb the Beacon non stop for the first time followed by Clayton Hill then 30 miles which is a distance I haven't ridden in 40 years.

Skinsuit next..?

Quote from James H on 29th August 2017, 10:49 pm

Skinsuit next..?

I'll need to drop a few more KGs first!


You should ride as far as is comfortable for you at first. If you overdo it at first you get really sore, and you'll stop. You have to learn to 'challenge yourself', that is, to ride as far as is comfortable and then just a little more. I got up to 5 miles in a couple of months and then 10 miles in about six months, but you will probably do better. thesis writing My longest ride was 20 miles, which was an accident (I got lost!)