Detailed below are the accepted rules and regulations of the Sussex Nomads Cycling Club;

1. This club shall be known as the Sussex Nomads Cycling Club. The purpose is to encourage and promote the sport and pastime of all cycling activities in Sussex. The Honorary Officials of the Club:
President, Chairman, Treasurer, General Secretary, Road Racing Secretary, Time Trial Secretary, Club Runs Coordinator, Social Secretary.

2. Club Committee:

Shall meet when necessary and shall control the management of the Club. It shall consist of: the following Honorary Officials:
Chairman, Treasurer, General Secretary, Road Racing Secretary & Associate, Time Trial Secretary & Associate, Club Runs Coordinator
& Associate, Social Secretary, Web Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Newsletter editor, and two elected first claim members

A quorum shall consist of 6 members.

3. Proceedings of all Committee Meetings shall be made known to club members and Minute Book shall be kept to record the details of Committee Meetings.

4. Any member of the Committee absent for 3 consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse shall be deemed to have resigned and the Committee may fill the vacancy by co-opting another member.

5. The club colours shall be: predominantly Yellow and Green.

6. Membership shall be open to anyone attaining the age twelve years.
Senior members (18 years or over) 1st and 2nd claim.
Junior members (16 or 17 and those 18 year olds whose birthday is in the current year) 1st and 2nd claim.
Schoolboy/girl members (twelve to 16 years) 1st and 2nd claim.

Members under the age of 18 years old are subject to the guidelines of British Cycling policy & procedures for the `Protection of children &   vulnerable adults’ a copy of which is available at club or from British Cycling.

7. Acceptance of members: Persons will be accepted on payment of application subscription, (twelve years minimum age). Subject to approval by Committee.

8. Annual subscriptions: The 1st payment of which becomes due on joining the Club and thereafter on the 1st October each year. Anyone joining after 30th June in any year will be classed as a fully paid up member until 30th of September of the following year.

9. Members who have not paid their subscription by 31st December in any year shall be deemed to have resigned and their name removed from the Register of Members.

Senior 1st claim 18 or over £20.00
Senior 2nd claim 18 or over £20.00
Junior 16 or over £2.50
School persons under 16 £1.00
Social membership £10.00

11. All active cycling members must hold a 3rd party insurance of the BC, CTC or some other scheme acceptable to the Club Committee.

12. Rights and privileges of membership:

1st claim: Can compete in open events in the Club’s name, have right to vote at a General Meeting, and stand for election to any office in the Club if over the age of 18 years.
2nd claim: Can compete in Club events but not for Club awards, can compete in association events under the Club name (except where his/her first claim Club has affiliation to the same association), cannot vote at a General Meeting or stand for any Club office, unless an individual has been appointed to a Club office at the AGM or Special General Meeting by the membership, and that individual, that has been appointed will have the same voting rights at committee level as that of a first claim member.

13. Expulsion of members: The Club Committee has the right to expel a member of the Club.

14. Annual General Meeting: Shall be held after the 1st October and before the 31st December in each year for the following purposes:

To receive reports of the previous year
To receive Statement of Accounts
To elect Honorary Officials and elected first claim committee members
To discuss items appearing on the Agenda
Any other business.

15. The Committee shall give members 28 days notice of the date of the AGM. Items for the Agenda must reach the General Secretary in writing at least 14 days before the AGM.

16. A quorum shall consist of one third of the eligible members.

17. Club funds must be deposited  in the name of the club with any financial institution approved by the committee
The treasurer and one of two elected signatories must sign for all withdrawals from the bank
The financial year shall end on 30th September.

18. Special General Meeting: 3 members or more may call a special General Meeting or more by giving the General Secretary the reason in writing 28 days notice.

19. On Club nights a Club Official shall announce:
Details of forthcoming events
A summary of any outstanding competitive results, any other important items.

20. Any matter not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision shall be final.

21. A majority of two thirds (of full members present) is required to pass a new club rule.

22. All Club Members should be prepared to assist in the running of cycling activities. These activities may comprise:
Club Associations to which the club is affiliated
Non-cycling organisations which the Committee deem to be worthy of assistance and which may enhance and improve the club and sport.

Rules Amendments.
Issued Oct. 2005 as per general meeting 16.09.05

7C (Subscriptions) updated 14 Jan 2012 and 29 Jan 2014