President - Alan Limbrey

Veteran racer and old-fashioned gentleman. Co-founder of the club and still spotted on the occasional club run.


Chairman & General Secretary - Will Faas

Will takes on the challenge of keeping order in meetings, coordinating the work of  other committee members and generally being the one with whom the buck stops.  To view the role profile of the Chairperson, click here.

Treasurer & Membership Secretary - Steve Ratford

The Nomad responsible for looking after the club's finances. He's also the one who'll be gently reminding you to pay your subs each year. For the tasks and role profile of the Treasurer, click here.

Club Run Secretary - Mark Sturgis

Mark organises the programme of Sunday Club runs and maintains the database of club routes.  To view the tasks and role profile of the Club run Secretary, click here.

Social Media, Communications & Marketing - Sally McSorley

Sally is the one who makes sure that the rest of the world knows what the Nomads are doing through our Facebook, twitter, instagram, strava and newsletter feeds. To view the tasks and role profile of the Social Media Secretary, click here.

Hill Climb Event Organiser - Alex Beyfus

Alex will be organising our main open event in 2018 - the annual hill climb on Ditchling Beacon on Sunday October 28th. To view the role profile of the Hill Climb Event Organiser, click here.

Club Kit Secretary - Jason Blenkarn

Hoarder of trophies and club kit. Get in touch if you want to look as good in the citrus palette of the Sussex Nomads.  To see the role profile of the club kit secretary, click here.

Stock Manager - Kevin Costello

Kevin is known for his smiley face and for supplying us with a Nomads changing room (which he also likes to call 'home'). Contact Kevin if you want to try on any Nomads kit or know what we have in stock.  To view the tasks and role of the Stock Manager, click here.

Website Manager - James Hedley

To view the role profile of the Website Manager, click here.