Welcome to the Club Kit Shop!

Our kit is from Kalas, official supplier to the GB national cycling team along with many pro teams (https://www.kalas.co.uk).

Our most popular items are:

Summer Jersey


Winter Jersey

Summer Jersey

Click  here to see what Kalas items and sizes are now in stock and you can place your order directly. Click here for Kalas sizing charts.

All payments are made by bank transfer (no PayPal).  You will receive two email confirmations, the first when your order is received and the second when your payment has been received.  You will then be contacted by Kevin Costello to arrange a time for you to pick up your order.

Note: For items not in stock, delivery may take several weeks depending on demand and  how many other items are in the order.


All new members who order a club jersey will have their first year’s club membership waived.  You must complete the membership submission click here.