4th August 2019 @ 9:00 am
Happy Days
Holmes Hill
Whitesmith BN8 6JA
United Kingdom
Club Run To Happy Days Cafe, Golden Cross, Holmes Hill - includes a Come and Try It Ride @ Happy Days | United Kingdom

Meet at Ditchling Village Hall at 9.00 am – all welcome. Groups to be decided on the day.  Total mileage today will be at least 40 miles but as much as 60 miles if riding the longer options.

The first Sunday of the month traditionally includes a Come and Try It Ride.  The shorter ride below can be the CATI ride although we can decide on the day to shorten this further if necessary.  Perhaps stopping at Isfield which would mean a total ride of about 25 miles.

For the Normal route to Happy Days Café  (29 miles – climbing 671 ft) see here.
For the Longer route to Happy Days café (34 miles – climbing 1125 ft) see here
For the Come and Try It Ride a shorter and flatter route to Happy Days café (19 miles – 561 ft elevation)  see here

For a return route reverse one of the outward routes.


  • Hi all, as a new member, i am keen to do a CATI ride. I see these are normally done on the first Sunday in the month. Does this Happy Days Cafe ride therefore include a CATI please ?

    • Hi Mark – I have amended the ride slightly for the day so that the 19 mile option to Happy Days café is the CATI ride. We can reduce this further if necessary by deciding to stop at Isfield – a round trip of about 25 miles. I think it best to see who is interested in doing the CATI ride and hen make a decision on where we go. I plan to lead the CATI ride so will ensure that all CATI riders are looked after both to the venue and back again. Regards, Mark

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