11th August 2019 all-day
Special Club Run around the Isle of Wight

A number of Nomads have suggested having a special club run arranged to cycle around the IOW.  We shall have to identify those who are interested in such an event and co-ordinate a start time, starting point and route (basically either clockwise or anti-clockwise).  One way of doing this will be to utilise WhatsApp.  It would be useful for somebody to take the lead in co-ordinating this but I thought that it would be useful to get this on the Calendar so that people can consider and decide.

A normal club run will also take place so as to meet the needs of as many Nomads as possible.


  • For example, there’s a ferry from Portsmouth Ryde at 09:15, arriving 09:37 – lots of options to return between say 16:10 and 17:47 (I’d choose the latest reasonable return crossing, to allow plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, stop to eat, fall off, fix things etc). The cost would be £20 return for the ferry + car sharing. There are no trains from Hassocks or Burgess Hill at that time of the morning.

    If this is going to happen, it’d be worth getting a core group together before the end of July, while there are still plenty of places on the ferry.

  • There are now at least two cars going to Portsmouth, and an offer of a towbar-mounted rack for anyone who can volunteer as a third driver – see the regular WhatsApp group for details, or to offer your own car if you can take two or three bikes …

  • I’ve mapped the route approximately here: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/26781765
    I’m not completely sure about some of the detail, but that shouldn’t matter, as there are signposts all the way round the official route, which my course joins at Seaview. Completists who don’t want to miss an inch of the signposted route – head southwest out of Ryde (retracing the last part of my route) until you hit the A3054, then pick up the signs back into the outskirts of Ryde and onwards towards Nettlestone.

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