Dear Nomads

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making Sunday’s hill climb race such a special and enjoyable event!  We have had so many messages on instagram and facebook from other clubs and riders, saying what an amazing event it was and how fabulous and friendly the Nomads were, and how brilliant all the helpers and marshals were.  I couldn’t be more proud to be a Nomad when answering those messages 😀  A big well done to all of you who rode it, your enthusiasm helped shape the event for the other riders, and it was great to see a record number of Nomads taking part this year.

If you haven’t seen the photos already, then head over to the links below to view all the ones that Clive and James took.  They are truly brilliant! Some of the faces are epic.  I’ll be drip feeding many of them into Instagram, so don’t be surprised if you show up there 😀  Adrian has also sent me some additional images, and I’ll share those on insta and FB soon too.

All the result times are here:  It’s worth double checking your final time because when the Time Lords came back down from the hill they asked me to amend some of them (usually to a faster time), because there were some slight miscalculations.   If you missed your start time and incurred a penalty, then I added a note about it on the spreadsheet (see the ‘rider notes’ column), so you can work out from that what your actual time would have been.

The winners of the event were Bill Bell from Bigfoot CC and Olivia Webb from Eastbourne Rovers CC.  You may be interested to know that both Bill and Olivia are both in their 40’s, so fall into the veteran category, which gives hope to all us middle aged cyclists!  They smashed the times of riders half their age, which is pretty impressive!  Congrats also to Jason, who was only 10 seconds behind Bill and set himself a new Beacon PB and won the fastest Nomad male, and congrats to Hayley who was the fastest female Nomad.  Both Jason and Hayley have bagged themselves the Nomad hill climb trophies for 2018.

You may not realise it, but the planning for the hill climb starts well over a year in advance due to all the paperwork that goes along with holding a race on public roads, and to fit in with CTT affiliation rules and regulations, so HUGE thanks to Alex for organising the event and making it a huge success on the day, and to Adrian for all the assistance with the CTT side and doing the risk assessment.   Thanks also to Helen for being the Queen of cakes, to Richard B and Mark A for helping her (and a special thank you to the 3 of them from me for keeping me topped up with tea all morning!),  to Derek for marshalling and being on standby in case anyone needed medical assistance (thank god they didn’t!), to Pat C and Alan D for making sure everyone signed on and got their race numbers and a Hunt cap, to John for phoning in the results and to Sharona, Ian K, Steve Noake, Steve Newman, Liz, Ian Jones, Steve Ratford and Josh Beattie for the awesome marshalling and heckling.  Thanks also to James and Clive for their photos, and to our wonderful Mr President, Alan for coming along to give out the prizes.  Lastly thanks to Will and Ade for holding people up at the start and making sure no one fell over sideways.  I hope I haven’t missed anyone out! Shout at me if I have!

Right, the second reason for sending this email is to let you all know that Stuart Anderson is organising the Nomads Christmas Curry again this year and it will be on Friday 30th Nov in Burgess Hill.  If you want to attend, please let him know ASAP (and I mean, ASAP otherwise it will be cancelled).  You can find the details here:

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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