Dear Yellow (and green) Jersey Wearers

This week’s Nomads News is a short affair as I’m suffering from a cold and want to go to bed. Fortunately I’ve been sent a few tit-bits from fellow Nomads which means I can get away with writing the bare minimum.

First off, Eoghan McHugh has been looking into doing the race accreditation sessions that are needed for novice racers to take part in many of the 4th Cat races next year. He writes:

I have found out a little more about the accreditation sessions. The next one is August, 20th at the South of England Event Centre, Ardingly (very convenient). Event starts at 10:00, lasts 4 hours, costs £20 plus a txn (?) fee.

Link for signup:

Contact email:

If you’re interested in joining him please contact him directly, or reply to this event in the calendar.

Next up, Helen Webb has a dirty proposition. Why wait until the winter to start Cyclo-X racing when there is a short summer series of races in London which will do just fine. The first race is this Thursday, and you can find out more and get in contact with Helen by responding to this thread.

And finally, Jason Green sent me the following about a recent event that he took part in with Neil Glover:
On Saturday 15th July myself and fellow Nomad, Neil Glover, tackled the British Heart Foundations ‘South Downs Way off-road bike ride’. Billed as one of the UK’s toughest MTB challenges we followed the beautiful South Downs Way National Trail from Winchester to Eastbourne.

Our 17 hour epic that started at 4.30 in the morning saw us cover 160km and nearly 12,000 feet of climbing (over 3 x higher than Snowdon) and by its end it was fair to say that neither one of us felt capable of joining in the next day’s club run to Stone cross, in fact we both agreed that it was by far the toughest thing either of us had ever attempted. 

With the feeling now slowly returning to our bodies and having had some time to reflect I’m not too ashamed to admit at being a little proud of our achievement and the monies we raised for such a worthwhile cause and do hope it doesn’t appear too narcissistic to suggest we share this little bit of news with our fellow club members.

Jason did include a picture but it stubbornly refuses to upload into this newsletter, but I’ve seen it… it exists and they look rather haunted in it so I’m going to assume that they actually did this ride which is hugely impressive – especially when you consider how hard it is to ride a century on tarmacced roads, and how shattered most of us feel after just 3-4 hours riding. Chapeau chaps!

Club 10 Round-Up – By Adrian Morris

Here are Friday nights results from our eleventh 10 mile TT of the season, was this the fastest night this year? with a new fastest time for the short course set, and many showing signs of improvement.

Thanks to Keith Chandler for marshaling. If you wish to help with marshaling or starting the riders please let me know in advance of the event, because we cant run the events without a marshal on the A272 Wineham lane junction, and with only two events left of the 2017 series it would be a crying shame to cancel for the lack of a volunteer.


event #12
Name 14/07/2017 pts Running Total Points 14/07/2017
John Tindell 22:07 22.4 Alan Dainty 86.0
Chris Hewit 22:48 23.0 Ben Griffin 82.8
Michael Thyer 23:05 19.1 Howard Griffin 81.5
Kevin Witton 23:40 24.6 Ade Fadero 79.9
Graham Saunders 24:18 20.0 Will Faas 77.4
Russ Green 24:19 20.0 Chris Hewit 69.7
Ross McCracken 24:31 14.5 Michael Thyer 65.4
Alan Dainty 24:44 16.3 Adrian Bennett 63.9
Eoghan McHugh 25:31 21.7 Eoghan McHugh 63.6
Howard Griffin 27:09 21.3 Jason Green 59.6
Will Faas 28:26 30.4 Jo Fleming 49.5
Neil Glover 47.1
Kevin Witton 44.6
John Tindell 42.4
Steve Noake 42.1
Carl Farrel 37.5
Ross McCracken 34.5
Lucy Williams 33.1
Russ Green 20.0
Graham Saunders 20.0
Rob Hoodless 20.0
Martin Oneill 20.0
Tim Rank 20.0
Anthony Vince 20.0
Michael Renardson 20.0
Nick Dwyer 20.0
Claire Rank 17.5

Strava Leaderboards

The committee, in its infinite wisdom, is currently undertaking a ‘cull’ of the Nomads’ Strava account after last week’s leaderboard was topped by a… wait for it… EX-NOMAD! *shudder*. It seems as well that there are many users on Strava board that are members of zillions of Strava clubs and are only interested in using their membership to flog dodgy Viagra to cyclists who think it’s the latest Shimano groupset. So, in future, the Nomads’ Strava group will only be open to paid-up bona-fide Nomads members to give it a Rapha-esque air of exclusivity. The only problem is that there are a number of members who use nicknames on Strava so we can’t quite be sure if they should be culled or not! So, if anyone knows who ‘Big Dummy’ is, or even ‘HeyMisterILoveYouLongTime-PhoneMeNow’ please do put us in contact with them so we can check them out.

Anyway, here’s last week’s disinfected Strava leaderboard:

Hats off to Julian for taking the top spot – I’ve ridden behind him many times and can assure you all he is not a ‘spambot’.

Coming Events

Wednesday 19th July

  • SCRL Track night at Preston Park 6:45pm (weather permitting)

Thursday 20th July

Friday 21st July

  • Nomads 10 mile TT – 7:15pm sign on Wineham Lane – contact Adrian if you can help out with marshalling or would like to have a go at time-keeping.
  • Surrey League Dunsfold Crits 7pm – Mens 4th cat, Womens 3/4 cat
  • SCRL Road Races at Preston Park – 6-9pm Mens 4th cat & 2/3 cat, Womens E/1/2/3/4 cat

Sunday 22nd July

  • Nomads Club Run to Penshurst Place – Meet at the Ashdown Forest Centre on Colemans Hatch Road, one mile east of the Wych Cross traffic lights on the A22.(RH18 5JP) at 9am. Keep an eye on the event discussion thread as some groups will undoubtedly ride out to the start point.

And finally…

Forget ‘Stannah’ stair lifts, Mamils everywhere will be cycling deep into our nineties and just making it to the upstairs’ toilet in time with this fantastic invention:


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