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If, like me, you have been gorging yourself over the last few weeks on the feast-of-cycling which is Le Tour, and you’re now utterly miserable at the prospect of trying to fill that gap with the thin broth on offer before the Vuelta starts (Yes, ‘Eneco Tour’, I’m looking at you!), don’t despair! Because here in our very own club we have what many regard as the climax to the Nomads’ season coming up this very week… Yes – it’s the final race in the TT Handicap series! This year the event look set to go down to the wire with the top five riders separated by less than 8 points and all with a very good chance of winning the trophy. It would be really lovely to have as many Nomads as possible at the event on Friday, which starts at the slightly earlier time of 7:15pm. Even better, if you could marshal one of the junctions please contact Adrian to let him know.

Seagull Bothering

Gemma Hobson came out of early-season retirement to race at last Friday’s Preston park E/1/2/3/4 race put on by SCRL. Unfortunately only 3 women took part, one of which was actually a seagull:

Gemma was unflappable however and managed to grab another couple of points by coming 2nd, which brings her total to 19 points for the season – just 1 point behind Ross McCracken who currently tops the Road Racers’ leaderboard. (Thanks to Ross for the photo.)


Flying Griffins

Adrian’s report on last Friday’s TT shows why things may be a little tense in the Griffin household, with father and son now in third and first place respectively in the Handicap series…

With just one event remaining now, last Friday saw Ben Griffin take the lead in the points competition by improving his PB for the course by 51 seconds, not was to be expected on a dull windy evening, with the last riders in need of lights as they finished.

Remember that the last event starts at 7:15 so you need to sign on by 7:00, if anyone can marshal please let me know in advance.

The event last Friday only went ahead by the two up pair Jason and Neil setting the riders off, allowing me to marshal on the A272, thanks guys for saving the event.

event #13
Name 21/07/2017 pts Running Total Points 21/07/2017
John Tindell 22:22 20.9 Ben Griffin 88.0
Jason Blenkarn 22:28 20.0 Alan Dainty 86.0
Russ Green 24:13 20.6 Howard Griffin 83.6
Ben Griffin 24:22 25.1 Ade Fadero 80.9
Kevin Witton 24:24 15.6 Eoghan McHugh 80.2
Ade Fadero 25:10 19.1 Will Faas 70.4
Eoghan McHugh 26:05 16.6 Chris Hewit 69.7
Gary Jones 26:48 20.0 Michael Thyer 65.4
Howard Griffin 27:08 20.1 Adrian Bennett 63.9
2up John Tindell 63.3
Jason Green 26:13 0.0 Kevin Witton 60.2
Neil Glover 26:13 0.0 Jason Green 59.6
Jo Fleming 49.5
Neil Glover 47.1
Steve Noake 42.1
Russ Green 40.6
Carl Farrel 37.5
Ross McCracken 34.5
Lucy Williams 33.1
Gary Jones 20.0
Jason Blenkarn 20.0
Graham Saunders 20.0
Rob Hoodless 20.0
Martin Oneill 20.0
Tim Rank 20.0
Anthony Vince 20.0
Michael Renardson 20.0
Nick Dwyer 20.0
Claire Rank 17.5


Strava Leaderboards

Congratulations to James May for topping all three of last week’s Strava leaderboards.


Coming Events

Wednesday 20th July

  • SCRL Track night at Preston Park 6:45pm (weather permitting)

Thursday 27th July

Friday 28th July

  • The last Nomads 10 mile TT of the season – NOTE EARLIER START TIME: 7:00pm sign on Wineham Lane for 7:15pm start – contact Adrian if you can help out with marshalling or would like to have a go at time-keeping.

Sunday 22nd July

  • Nomads Club Run to Somewhere TBA – Meet at Ditchling Village Hall at 9am – Destination to be decided.
  • Ride 100 London – Good luck to all those Nomads taking part.



Many Nomads have started using WhatsApp to stay in touch and arrange rides, meeting places etc., as it’s much more convenient than using forums/Facebook/Twitter. If you’ve got WhatsApp installed on your phone and you want to get added to the Nomads group just reply to this email with your mobile number and I’ll get you added.

In the meantime here’s a bad-ass nun on a bike:



PS – I’m on holiday for a few weeks so Ed Milliband will be guest writing next week’s Nomads News, with Iain Duncan Smith having a bash at it the following week.


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