From friends of the Nomads:


A year or 2 ago, we asked if you could circulate a plea for your members to help us in a battle to prevent Neighbourhood Plan housing development in Slugwash Lane in mid Sussex. We know the Lane is valued by cyclists and ramblers, and were pleased with the support that resulted.

We are unfortunately now trying to fend off developers from creating an estate along the Lane and are therefore asking if you could again contact your members and ask for their help in objection to plans to build and alter the road layout. We feel that these changes will add more traffic into the lane increasing the levels of danger, change the nature of the area, and open up the Lane to further development applications. If your members could make these points and indicate the value of the Lane to them, it would be very much appreciated.

Objections can be emailed to and would need to include names and addresses, and be submitted before the 10th August. If anyone has a particular interest they can find details of plan LW/17/0488 at or we would be happy to discuss with anyone (or take advice!)

Thank you for any support you can offer.

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